Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! It's now 2023! Not much has changed on this website in the past 7 or so months. To be fair, not much has changed in the AIM scene either. Hah! I have a backlog of draft news entries for the remainder of 2022 that I'd like to put up. I also have a few small improvements planned for this site. Which brings me to what has changed on AIM-Files. I have updated the News navigation section to list the archives by year. Hopefully this will tidy things up a bit.

Where I left off with the 2022 news updates, I was getting ready to make a public post about the Re-AOL project. I was a member of their Discord server just before they started to gain traction and go public. As I was waiting for the OK to make my post on here, I became preoccupied with writing some progs and tools that are compatible with their service. I did release some stuff on the AIM-Files Discord server, just never got around to posting about it on here.

Shortly after that, sometime in June or July 2022, life started to get busier for me and I was finding myself with less free time. I'm a bit behind with the so called scene, but I did see that the Re-AOL project has renamed itself to Project P3OL (pronounced "peel"). You can click that link to join their Discord server!

In the future, I'd like to cover news about their project on here as well. It's similar enough and the scenes are small enough that it really all ties in together. Along with that, I have continued working on my own projects. I just haven't been making too many posts about them. But, like everyone likes to say, good things are in the works and will be coming soon. ;)

If you have any scene news that you think should be covered here, please contact me!

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