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Article: AIM Info update
Author: Xak
Date: 07-05-02

I actually discovered how to do this about a month ago, but never got to writing an article about it. Well, today I decided to.
Is your AIM Info too large to use AIM's Profile Editor?
Do you choose to manually edit your AIM Info through another editor like NotePad?
If so, have you ever updated your info and had to resign on for it to take effect?
I myself have found it to be a pain at times.
Well, one day I was messing around with my AIM Info while I had an Away Message on. After I was done with my Info, I turned my Away Message off and later on I checked my info to find it was updated. I wondered how it updated since I didn't sign off. Shortly after I figured out that once you update your info all you have to do to make it visible to others is to turn your Away Message On the Off.

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