Discord Server
I have created a Discord server for my projects and AIM-Files: AIM-Files.com Discord Server! I will be posting the downloads for my projects there. I have released Hell's Ediction Beta 1, an AIM C-Com built using my soon-to-be released chat scan control. For people that weren't around back in the glory days, 'C-Com' is short for 'Chat Commands'. You can send commands prefixed with a '.' and the program will execute them. (For example: '.clear' will clear the chat window.) Along with that, xakAIMFader 1.0 Beta 2 has been posted! It is an Auto-Fader. This means that once you configure the program to your desired fade, all you do is make sure it is enabled and it will fade your outgoing IMs! Stop by and have a look!

Back & Better Than Ever
It's been 19 years. Back and better than ever! Stay tuned for updates!

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