AOL Underground Podcast
Earlier today, Animadoria (Lead Developer of brought to my attention that not only is there a new episode of the AOL Underground Podcast featuring AOL-Files co-founder Tau, but was mentioned! Thanks for that fellas!

About a month and a half ago, I asked tonyshowoff how to get ahold of the guy behind the AOL Underground Podcast, Steve Stonebreaker. He gave me his twitter handle, but I am not a twitter user. Also, life and some other side projects demanded all my attention, so I just got sidetracked. I actually wanted to suggest he interview Hypah, Tau, tonyshowoff and Wildman! With that said, Mr. Stonebreaker, if you see this, please do! I might know a couple others (including myself ;) who might want to do an interview, too!
So now, not only is the NINA project in possesion of, they have also obtained! No more chinese porn site! Thanks to floppydisk, nick99nack was able to grab it before anyone else could!

AOL Commerical VHS-Rip
I was archiving some old family VHS tapes when I came across an old AOL commerical from 2002, so I decided to rip it and post it to #aim-files on our Discord server! That link is a direct link to my post!

Happy Mario Day!
Mario Day was unofficially celebrated by fans on March 10th (MAR10) every year for probably a decade. In 2016, Nintendo officially recognized it, but the exact year of origin is unknown! With that said, I have released a "parody prog" known as MAR10! I decided to go with a Windows 95/98 style UI. It's also mainly a chat room prog with features such as: AFK Bot, Attention Bot, Custom Dice Roller, Magic 9-Ball Bot, Rock. Paper. Scissors. Bot, and a Welcome Bot! Everything I could think of that a Chat Room Game Master would need to host an old-school chat room game like the old dice wrestling rooms, pokemon battle rooms, and all sorts of other fantasy/rpg style chat games! If you want to download it or see screen shots, you'll have to join the Discord Server!

All this nostalgia is getting me Hypah!
I was quite surprised to see that former AOL-Files staff member and AO-Legend, Hypah, joined our Discord Server today! How cool is that?! I haven't talked to this guy in like 20 years! Back in the day he was gracious enough to give me 2 of the 4,751 3-character AIM SNs he jacked. You can read more about Hypah and his legendary imfamy @ the NINA Wiki AOL-Files Portal. This article was written by another AOL-Files staff member an AO-Legend, Tau!

Utilities Section
Just a quick site update: I started working on the Utilities section. Go check it out!

New Releases!
xakAIMBuddyIconChanger was released earlier in the day and xakAIMChatScan.ocx has finally been publicly released on 2/22/22 @ 22:22! You can find out about these and much more in #releases on the Discord Server! Check out #projects to see some teasers I posted of upcoming projects!

New Host & General Site Updates
I have switched website hosts and made some edits to the site. General cleanup and formatting type stuff. The biggest edit is I renamed a section that was for the "Advanced Tricks" that was described with a word that rhymes with "Detroit". It will now be called "Secrets". I did this to be compliant with the new host's TOS. Wow... did I just say that?!

Updates and Releases
I decided to de-clutter #projects on the Discord server. I created #releases to make it quick and easy to locate the downloads. Last night I released xakAIMProfileEditor 1.1 with a couple minor bug fixes and a fresh new icon and readme file! Simultaneously, I have released xakAIMChatJoiner 2.0. It's a simple, but useful tool to quickly join public and private AIM chat rooms! This originally started as a tool I made for myself without the intention of releasing it. I gave a couple copies out to people who had similar needs and decided to add a load/save feature and clean it up a bit for an official release.

Also, tonyshowoff from stopped by to remind us about his AOL-Files archive! This is the MOST COMPLETE archive of the former website.


This website is a modern-day version of what was going to be the AIM section of Way back in 2001, I had been trying to become an official member of the AOL-Files team. My skills weren't quite at the level as that of the original founders of AOL-Files, and I knew this, but I was going to try anyway! By the time I had become less of a lurker and more of a participator on their forums, Rob was the main guy running the site. He basically said the OGs kinda just went MIA, but he seemed hopeful they'd return. I don't recall that ever happening. I'm skipping a lot here, but finally in the beginning of 2002, Rob was trying to expand the site with subdomains like,, He wanted to expand more on AIM aside from just having client downloads. I saw this as my chance so I pitched my idea and he went for it. was created! In early March of 2002, Rob sent me the core files for to use as a template and on March 3rd, 2002 I made my first post! It will be 20 years ago, next month. Wow! Skip ahead a couple months or so and my memory is a bit blurry on this, but they lost the domain to AOL and renamed the site to Maybe a year or so later, Rob was out and a couple others took over for a little bit. I could write quite a bit about this subject, but that's for another time.

Long story short, the AIM section of AOL-Files kinda fizzled with the other subdomains. I always wanted to expand and even officially name it AIM-Files. I even used to use the nick AIM-Files on IRC for a short while... well, here we are!

In addition to that, Tony also mentioned a podcast called the AOL Underground Podcast! I wasn't aware of this, so it's news to me, too! I just finished listening to their lastest episode featuring the AO-Legend himself, Da Chronic!

New Year, New Release!
Happy New Year! It's now 2022! It's been a little over a year now since I started coding in VB6 again. I have not felt the same way about another coding language as I feel about VB6. It's hard to describe, but I'm sure at least a few out there can relate. It feels good. Anyone who feels like chiming in with any negativity can take a step back. I'm not here to debate anything about VB6. I love an obselete language and that's all there is to it. This isn't about you, dude. It's about ME. LMAO!

Moving on, I have found myself with some downtime, so I released xakAIMProfileEditor on the Discord server! This project kind of came out of the blue. Let me know what you think!

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