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Article: Using Your Own AOL Buddy Icon
Author: squirrel
Date: 08-11-2002

Tools Needed: VPD, AOL 6.0+


First: Open up the artistic file that you want to use as your buddy icon (.jpg, .art, etc...). Three windows will pop-up.

Second: Select the window that has the preview of the picture in it. Press CTRL+W and then double-click on the picture.
Click on the "Art" tab and copy the ID #. Then, close that box (make sure to leave the preview window open).

Third: On your Buddy List, select "Setup", then, click "Preferences". Click the "IMs" tab and press CTRL+W again.
Double-click on one of the Buddy Icons provided by AOL. Select the "Art" tab, then, paste the ID # from above into where the current one is at.
(Select "OK" when it asks if you want to make this a permanent change)

Fourth: Close the top window (edit window) that came up when you pressed CTRL+W.
On the REAL window, select the buddy icon that you just entered and then press "Save".

Fifth: IM yourself to make sure it worked. If it didn't, then you messed it up. Try again or ask me for some help!

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